Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Left is Distraught over America's Image Abroad!

The Liberals are distraught over how American is viewed by the rest of the world in light of the War in Iraq.

Their daily mantra on TV and radio shows claims that President Bush has hurt, damaged our image around the world… what a bunch of horse manure.

Consider these observations:

· How many rafts jammed full of refugees have been reported fleeing the shores of America lately… if ever? The answer is… zip, nada, none.
· Remember, America is building a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants from coming into our country, not from keeping our citizens locked in. There are over 15 million illegal immigrants on American soil taking advantage of the American Democratic way of life. Here they enjoy freedom of speech, basic human rights, allowed to make high wages at work, are given free medical care, free education and much more. Do all of these people hate America as well? If so, why are they still here?
· A majority of the track and field athletics competing at the world track games representing countries all over the world actually are schooled and trained at our own universities. America should receive a special award for training the all African Team. Do all of these athletes getting a free ride at our universities hate us as well?
· America is the largest contributor in foreign aid around the world; food, water, hard cash, human resources, doctors, nurses, etc. Do all of these countries who have received all of our tremendous charity hate us? Who is the first country they seek out for foreign aid after a Hurricane, earthquake, cataclysmic event, etc?

Like him or hate him, the president has a greater responsibility to his own citizens than wining the “most beloved country” prize in the world. His hands-on leadership have kept our county safe since 9/11 and of course, he’s been given no credit from the left at all. The success has come from hard found intelligence discovered by the NSA, working under the lawful guidelines of the Patriot Act that every Liberal politician wants to revoke. If our county is safe, it’s bad news for the left.

Donald Trump was on the Fox Morning show recently talking about why Bush is the worst president ever. Reason number one – he has personally ruined our image around the world. Bull! How does that affect anyone’s life here in America what other people think anyway? Can you not enjoy your petty life because some people in Iran don’t like you as an America? More biased liberal media against the right. Take a note, when our country is engaged in a war against fundamental Islamic terrorist bent on eradicating democracy off the face of the planet, some people are going to be upset.

And yet, the liberal politicians such as Chris Dodd, Clinton, and a good many others on the left actually brag, cheer and fight for the rights of who… the detainees in Abu-Graf, or Guantanamo, not our own soldiers. What about improving the living conditions of jailed inmates in their own state prisons? Their left wing representatives are more concerned that the Islamic fanatical prisoners, some who have been imprisoned for cutting off the heads of American soldiers, indeed get better treatment than their own American citizens locked away in American prisons.

Here is a fact that I read in another editorial. The obvious reason most countries have a negative view of Americans in general is because they think American’s are completely spoiled and have no appreciation for all the wonderful things they should be thankful for.

Here is a suggestion for those who are locked in goose steps on the left. Count your daily blessings and quit all of your whining and crying. Try living some time in Syria, Iran, Somalia or North Korea. Complain there and you forfeit you life. I guarantee that you will return to the states with a much better attitude about all of the wonderful things America has to offer.

Yea, right!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kucinich Commits Treason

Dennis Kucinich, the diminutive representative from Ohio has committed our nation’s worst and unforgiveable crime; treason against his own country. He recently journeyed to Syria for a national interview on Syrian TV. In this interview Kucinich proceeded to denounce our president, our war in Iraq and spoke about how wonderful their own president was. Syria is guilty of training insurgents as well as providing sophisticated weaponry to those killing American soldiers in Iraq. This is not conjecture, but based on facts and for an American Congressman to embolden our enemy in a time of war by his words and actions constitutes treason.

I propose that the U.S. Attorney General move to indict Kucinich on charges of treason, try him then give him two choices. One, imprisonment or two, invoke his U.S. passport and allow him to live in Syria he spoke so highly of. Instead he is praised by the left and again the right’s passivity towards their counterparts goes unchecked.

After further examining Kucinich’s voting record in Congress, it makes it crystal clear the glaring differences between the political parties. Here are but 25 examples of how Kucinich voted representing Ohio in Congress. I could have listed 100 more if needed, but I believe I’ve illustrated my point effectively on the glaring, dramatic differences between the two political parties.

Enjoy reading the following if you’re liberal. If conservative, be afraid, very afraid of where our country is headed if Kucinich is elected president.

1. He voted against the Patriot Act.
2. Voted against the war in Iraq.
3. Voted against funding the war.
4. Supports legal status for illegal immigrants in America.
5. Votes against privatizing social security.
6. Voted against Bush tax cuts.
7. He voted on needing a separation between Corporations and State – (Communism)
8. He voted on alternative funding instead of new prisons.
9. Voted against constitutionally defining a marriage as “one man and one woman.”
10. Voting against the Pledge of Allegiance.
11. Voting for preferential treatment for race in college admissions.
12. Voted for the ACLU 64% of the time.
13. Thinks abortions should be illegal at all stages.
14. Supports reparations for Slavery.
15. He’s for Affirmative Action – a code name for apartheid as in South Africa’s past.
16. Voted no on Military borders patrols to battle drugs and terrorism.
17. Voted no on allowing prayer in school during the war in Iraq.
18. Voted no on allowing vouchers for students in DC.
19. Opposes allowing school prayer.
20. Voted no on establishing a national wide AMBER alert for missing children.
21. Supports same sex marriage.
22. Voted no on reforming the United Nations by restricting U.S. funding.
23. He wants to end privatization.
24. Voted no on building a fence on the Mexican border.
25. Supports raising taxes.

As for myself I truly hope Kucinich continues to hate American and decides he can’t take it any more and decides to move to Syria.

Friday, September 14, 2007

History Repeats Itself

Democratic Hypocrisy Runs Amuck!

History repeats itself once again. Those who don’t pay attention to history are inclined to repeat it, as the saying goes.

First of all, it’s illegal for any foreign country, especially those with a communist form of government such as China to contribute to U.S. presidential campaigns. This rule of law did not apply to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 or now to Hillary’s campaign in 2007.

One of the greatest frustrations for conservatives during the Bill Clinton-Al Gore presidential campaign in 1996 was the reluctance or refusal of the US Attorney General Janet Reno to enforce the FEC campaign contribution laws. Republicans supplicated themselves to Reno to represent all Americans not just the President. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It resulted in 120 Chinese contributors to Bill Clinton’s campaign illegally donating money - most of them evading prosecution by conveniently escaping from the U.S. just in the nick of time. When the dusk settled over the illegal foreign campaign irregularities, 22 Democrat donors were convicted in the Chinagate probe, the rest got away without Reno pursuing their arrest.

During the Clinton campaign of 1996, the People’s Liberation Army launched a massive campaign to buy influence in the Democratic Party that would guide military hardware and technology Beijing’s way. Reports by federal investigators discovered that the PLA used Chinese agents, spies living in the U.S. as bagmen to funnel cash to the Clinton-Gore campaigns and gain immediate access to the White House and sensitive government agencies.

In 1998, in the course of plea bargaining with the Justice Department, a Chinese bagman named Johnny Chung confessed that at least $100,000 of his contributions to the DNC and the Clinton-Gore Campaign had indeed come from a Chinese aerospace executive – who have given him $300,000. This same person happened to also be the daughter of the PLA’s top general and a key member of China’s Communist Party. Chung told prosecutors that the $300,000 had been ordered into his bank account by the head of the Chinese military intelligence.

During the 1996 campaign, Chung was a regular White House visitor. He visited the White House 57 times and during one visit even handed Hillary Clinton’s chief of Staff a check of $50,000. Three days earlier, he had received a $150,000 wire transfer from the Bank of China.
For you left wing conspiracy theory nuts out there, all of the above information is factual and documented; a far cry from the Bush conspiracy theories floating around today that Bush had his Nazi like civil engineers destroy the levies to kill poor Blacks during Katrina or that Bush was behind 9/11. No, what I’m saying is actual documented facts with photos of Chung with the Clintons at the White House together as proof.

Here’s another example of corruption in the Democratic Party. Most alarmingly, Schwartz persuaded the Clinton administration to give his Loral Space and Communications subsidiary a waiver to use inexpensive Chinese rockets to launch U.S. satellites into space. Loral at the same time helped Beijing – over the objections of the U.S. intelligence community – improve its commercial space launchers. That in turn, helped make its nuclear-tipped missiles more reliable as ICBMs, several of which are aimed at U.S. cities. Schwartz, who was Clinton's top donor in the 1996 election cycle, insists his contributions did not buy policy changes regarding China. He says the favorable treatment he got from the administration was merely a "coincidence."

Where was the outrage? Suppressed, is the answer. Attorney General Reno and her cohorts, the complicit liberal press successfully protected their president. The Democratic Party and liberal press again sacrificed national security in favor of keeping their side in office. Today the liberal press has all but expunged the memory of Chinagate, but fortunately for all Americans, talk radio has kept the memory alive. Thank God for Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram and others as gate keepers of the real truth.

Everyone forgets that the illegal Chinese campaign funds in the 90’s were also used to finance TV adds to attack Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House by the DNC, spearheaded by Bonner. Close to 100 absurd, nugatory charges were brought against him. One of the charges brought against Gingrich illustrates the mindset of Bonner. Gingrich taught a two week history course at the University of Georgia on American history. Bonner brought charges against him he for politicizing his course with Republican doctrine. What? I watched the entire course telecasted on PBS. Gingrich lectured on American history and how our great forefathers made incredible sacrifices in order to build our great nation. To the left wing, that philosophy of saluting our American heroes is insidious to their way of thinking. I wanted to scream when I heard the ridiculous charges made against him and of course the charges were found baseless. The only offense out of 100 charges they could find fault with Gingrich was for receiving funds for a book he was writing while still holding office. He was forced to resign and the Republican Party has never been the same without his brilliant leadership.

2007 Democratic Campaign

Now, the 2007 presidential campaign is in full tilt and history is repeating itself once again. It’s now reported that a corrupt Chinese donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has close ties to an aerospace mogul accused of placing his business interest before national security by sharing missile secrets with Beijing during the Clinton administration. Native Hong Kong, Chinese-American businessman Hsu has contributed to Democratic campaigns including close to one million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The problem for the Democrats is that Hsu recently turned himself in on fraud charges, skipped bail and then was captured on a train in Colorado.
Now we find out the Hsu’s various American based companies listed on federal campaign filing with the FEC no longer exist, and indeed might be fictitious. Is anyone shocked by this? Hsu filed for bankruptcy last year, so it begs the question, where did he get the resources to contribute so much money?

The liberal press will not connect the dots that would normally lead any rationally thinking person to suspect that Clinton and the DNC are back to the same ole business with the way they raise funds. These illegal actions are feared to lead to foreign countries again gaining access to our military intelligence, concessions in trade agreements, etc. – Have the Chinese prospered due to the financially influencing the Democrats? Is it any wonder that China supplies over 80% of all toys sold in American stores?

Certainly there are more Hsu's out there. There needs to be a full scale investigation of all DNC contributors.