Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Left is Distraught over America's Image Abroad!

The Liberals are distraught over how American is viewed by the rest of the world in light of the War in Iraq.

Their daily mantra on TV and radio shows claims that President Bush has hurt, damaged our image around the world… what a bunch of horse manure.

Consider these observations:

· How many rafts jammed full of refugees have been reported fleeing the shores of America lately… if ever? The answer is… zip, nada, none.
· Remember, America is building a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants from coming into our country, not from keeping our citizens locked in. There are over 15 million illegal immigrants on American soil taking advantage of the American Democratic way of life. Here they enjoy freedom of speech, basic human rights, allowed to make high wages at work, are given free medical care, free education and much more. Do all of these people hate America as well? If so, why are they still here?
· A majority of the track and field athletics competing at the world track games representing countries all over the world actually are schooled and trained at our own universities. America should receive a special award for training the all African Team. Do all of these athletes getting a free ride at our universities hate us as well?
· America is the largest contributor in foreign aid around the world; food, water, hard cash, human resources, doctors, nurses, etc. Do all of these countries who have received all of our tremendous charity hate us? Who is the first country they seek out for foreign aid after a Hurricane, earthquake, cataclysmic event, etc?

Like him or hate him, the president has a greater responsibility to his own citizens than wining the “most beloved country” prize in the world. His hands-on leadership have kept our county safe since 9/11 and of course, he’s been given no credit from the left at all. The success has come from hard found intelligence discovered by the NSA, working under the lawful guidelines of the Patriot Act that every Liberal politician wants to revoke. If our county is safe, it’s bad news for the left.

Donald Trump was on the Fox Morning show recently talking about why Bush is the worst president ever. Reason number one – he has personally ruined our image around the world. Bull! How does that affect anyone’s life here in America what other people think anyway? Can you not enjoy your petty life because some people in Iran don’t like you as an America? More biased liberal media against the right. Take a note, when our country is engaged in a war against fundamental Islamic terrorist bent on eradicating democracy off the face of the planet, some people are going to be upset.

And yet, the liberal politicians such as Chris Dodd, Clinton, and a good many others on the left actually brag, cheer and fight for the rights of who… the detainees in Abu-Graf, or Guantanamo, not our own soldiers. What about improving the living conditions of jailed inmates in their own state prisons? Their left wing representatives are more concerned that the Islamic fanatical prisoners, some who have been imprisoned for cutting off the heads of American soldiers, indeed get better treatment than their own American citizens locked away in American prisons.

Here is a fact that I read in another editorial. The obvious reason most countries have a negative view of Americans in general is because they think American’s are completely spoiled and have no appreciation for all the wonderful things they should be thankful for.

Here is a suggestion for those who are locked in goose steps on the left. Count your daily blessings and quit all of your whining and crying. Try living some time in Syria, Iran, Somalia or North Korea. Complain there and you forfeit you life. I guarantee that you will return to the states with a much better attitude about all of the wonderful things America has to offer.

Yea, right!

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