Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Left is Distraught over America's Image Abroad!

The Liberals are distraught over how American is viewed by the rest of the world in light of the War in Iraq.

Their daily mantra on TV and radio shows claims that President Bush has hurt, damaged our image around the world… what a bunch of horse manure.

Consider these observations:

· How many rafts jammed full of refugees have been reported fleeing the shores of America lately… if ever? The answer is… zip, nada, none.
· Remember, America is building a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants from coming into our country, not from keeping our citizens locked in. There are over 15 million illegal immigrants on American soil taking advantage of the American Democratic way of life. Here they enjoy freedom of speech, basic human rights, allowed to make high wages at work, are given free medical care, free education and much more. Do all of these people hate America as well? If so, why are they still here?
· A majority of the track and field athletics competing at the world track games representing countries all over the world actually are schooled and trained at our own universities. America should receive a special award for training the all African Team. Do all of these athletes getting a free ride at our universities hate us as well?
· America is the largest contributor in foreign aid around the world; food, water, hard cash, human resources, doctors, nurses, etc. Do all of these countries who have received all of our tremendous charity hate us? Who is the first country they seek out for foreign aid after a Hurricane, earthquake, cataclysmic event, etc?

Like him or hate him, the president has a greater responsibility to his own citizens than wining the “most beloved country” prize in the world. His hands-on leadership have kept our county safe since 9/11 and of course, he’s been given no credit from the left at all. The success has come from hard found intelligence discovered by the NSA, working under the lawful guidelines of the Patriot Act that every Liberal politician wants to revoke. If our county is safe, it’s bad news for the left.

Donald Trump was on the Fox Morning show recently talking about why Bush is the worst president ever. Reason number one – he has personally ruined our image around the world. Bull! How does that affect anyone’s life here in America what other people think anyway? Can you not enjoy your petty life because some people in Iran don’t like you as an America? More biased liberal media against the right. Take a note, when our country is engaged in a war against fundamental Islamic terrorist bent on eradicating democracy off the face of the planet, some people are going to be upset.

And yet, the liberal politicians such as Chris Dodd, Clinton, and a good many others on the left actually brag, cheer and fight for the rights of who… the detainees in Abu-Graf, or Guantanamo, not our own soldiers. What about improving the living conditions of jailed inmates in their own state prisons? Their left wing representatives are more concerned that the Islamic fanatical prisoners, some who have been imprisoned for cutting off the heads of American soldiers, indeed get better treatment than their own American citizens locked away in American prisons.

Here is a fact that I read in another editorial. The obvious reason most countries have a negative view of Americans in general is because they think American’s are completely spoiled and have no appreciation for all the wonderful things they should be thankful for.

Here is a suggestion for those who are locked in goose steps on the left. Count your daily blessings and quit all of your whining and crying. Try living some time in Syria, Iran, Somalia or North Korea. Complain there and you forfeit you life. I guarantee that you will return to the states with a much better attitude about all of the wonderful things America has to offer.

Yea, right!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kucinich Commits Treason

Dennis Kucinich, the diminutive representative from Ohio has committed our nation’s worst and unforgiveable crime; treason against his own country. He recently journeyed to Syria for a national interview on Syrian TV. In this interview Kucinich proceeded to denounce our president, our war in Iraq and spoke about how wonderful their own president was. Syria is guilty of training insurgents as well as providing sophisticated weaponry to those killing American soldiers in Iraq. This is not conjecture, but based on facts and for an American Congressman to embolden our enemy in a time of war by his words and actions constitutes treason.

I propose that the U.S. Attorney General move to indict Kucinich on charges of treason, try him then give him two choices. One, imprisonment or two, invoke his U.S. passport and allow him to live in Syria he spoke so highly of. Instead he is praised by the left and again the right’s passivity towards their counterparts goes unchecked.

After further examining Kucinich’s voting record in Congress, it makes it crystal clear the glaring differences between the political parties. Here are but 25 examples of how Kucinich voted representing Ohio in Congress. I could have listed 100 more if needed, but I believe I’ve illustrated my point effectively on the glaring, dramatic differences between the two political parties.

Enjoy reading the following if you’re liberal. If conservative, be afraid, very afraid of where our country is headed if Kucinich is elected president.

1. He voted against the Patriot Act.
2. Voted against the war in Iraq.
3. Voted against funding the war.
4. Supports legal status for illegal immigrants in America.
5. Votes against privatizing social security.
6. Voted against Bush tax cuts.
7. He voted on needing a separation between Corporations and State – (Communism)
8. He voted on alternative funding instead of new prisons.
9. Voted against constitutionally defining a marriage as “one man and one woman.”
10. Voting against the Pledge of Allegiance.
11. Voting for preferential treatment for race in college admissions.
12. Voted for the ACLU 64% of the time.
13. Thinks abortions should be illegal at all stages.
14. Supports reparations for Slavery.
15. He’s for Affirmative Action – a code name for apartheid as in South Africa’s past.
16. Voted no on Military borders patrols to battle drugs and terrorism.
17. Voted no on allowing prayer in school during the war in Iraq.
18. Voted no on allowing vouchers for students in DC.
19. Opposes allowing school prayer.
20. Voted no on establishing a national wide AMBER alert for missing children.
21. Supports same sex marriage.
22. Voted no on reforming the United Nations by restricting U.S. funding.
23. He wants to end privatization.
24. Voted no on building a fence on the Mexican border.
25. Supports raising taxes.

As for myself I truly hope Kucinich continues to hate American and decides he can’t take it any more and decides to move to Syria.

Friday, September 14, 2007

History Repeats Itself

Democratic Hypocrisy Runs Amuck!

History repeats itself once again. Those who don’t pay attention to history are inclined to repeat it, as the saying goes.

First of all, it’s illegal for any foreign country, especially those with a communist form of government such as China to contribute to U.S. presidential campaigns. This rule of law did not apply to the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 or now to Hillary’s campaign in 2007.

One of the greatest frustrations for conservatives during the Bill Clinton-Al Gore presidential campaign in 1996 was the reluctance or refusal of the US Attorney General Janet Reno to enforce the FEC campaign contribution laws. Republicans supplicated themselves to Reno to represent all Americans not just the President. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It resulted in 120 Chinese contributors to Bill Clinton’s campaign illegally donating money - most of them evading prosecution by conveniently escaping from the U.S. just in the nick of time. When the dusk settled over the illegal foreign campaign irregularities, 22 Democrat donors were convicted in the Chinagate probe, the rest got away without Reno pursuing their arrest.

During the Clinton campaign of 1996, the People’s Liberation Army launched a massive campaign to buy influence in the Democratic Party that would guide military hardware and technology Beijing’s way. Reports by federal investigators discovered that the PLA used Chinese agents, spies living in the U.S. as bagmen to funnel cash to the Clinton-Gore campaigns and gain immediate access to the White House and sensitive government agencies.

In 1998, in the course of plea bargaining with the Justice Department, a Chinese bagman named Johnny Chung confessed that at least $100,000 of his contributions to the DNC and the Clinton-Gore Campaign had indeed come from a Chinese aerospace executive – who have given him $300,000. This same person happened to also be the daughter of the PLA’s top general and a key member of China’s Communist Party. Chung told prosecutors that the $300,000 had been ordered into his bank account by the head of the Chinese military intelligence.

During the 1996 campaign, Chung was a regular White House visitor. He visited the White House 57 times and during one visit even handed Hillary Clinton’s chief of Staff a check of $50,000. Three days earlier, he had received a $150,000 wire transfer from the Bank of China.
For you left wing conspiracy theory nuts out there, all of the above information is factual and documented; a far cry from the Bush conspiracy theories floating around today that Bush had his Nazi like civil engineers destroy the levies to kill poor Blacks during Katrina or that Bush was behind 9/11. No, what I’m saying is actual documented facts with photos of Chung with the Clintons at the White House together as proof.

Here’s another example of corruption in the Democratic Party. Most alarmingly, Schwartz persuaded the Clinton administration to give his Loral Space and Communications subsidiary a waiver to use inexpensive Chinese rockets to launch U.S. satellites into space. Loral at the same time helped Beijing – over the objections of the U.S. intelligence community – improve its commercial space launchers. That in turn, helped make its nuclear-tipped missiles more reliable as ICBMs, several of which are aimed at U.S. cities. Schwartz, who was Clinton's top donor in the 1996 election cycle, insists his contributions did not buy policy changes regarding China. He says the favorable treatment he got from the administration was merely a "coincidence."

Where was the outrage? Suppressed, is the answer. Attorney General Reno and her cohorts, the complicit liberal press successfully protected their president. The Democratic Party and liberal press again sacrificed national security in favor of keeping their side in office. Today the liberal press has all but expunged the memory of Chinagate, but fortunately for all Americans, talk radio has kept the memory alive. Thank God for Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram and others as gate keepers of the real truth.

Everyone forgets that the illegal Chinese campaign funds in the 90’s were also used to finance TV adds to attack Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House by the DNC, spearheaded by Bonner. Close to 100 absurd, nugatory charges were brought against him. One of the charges brought against Gingrich illustrates the mindset of Bonner. Gingrich taught a two week history course at the University of Georgia on American history. Bonner brought charges against him he for politicizing his course with Republican doctrine. What? I watched the entire course telecasted on PBS. Gingrich lectured on American history and how our great forefathers made incredible sacrifices in order to build our great nation. To the left wing, that philosophy of saluting our American heroes is insidious to their way of thinking. I wanted to scream when I heard the ridiculous charges made against him and of course the charges were found baseless. The only offense out of 100 charges they could find fault with Gingrich was for receiving funds for a book he was writing while still holding office. He was forced to resign and the Republican Party has never been the same without his brilliant leadership.

2007 Democratic Campaign

Now, the 2007 presidential campaign is in full tilt and history is repeating itself once again. It’s now reported that a corrupt Chinese donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has close ties to an aerospace mogul accused of placing his business interest before national security by sharing missile secrets with Beijing during the Clinton administration. Native Hong Kong, Chinese-American businessman Hsu has contributed to Democratic campaigns including close to one million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The problem for the Democrats is that Hsu recently turned himself in on fraud charges, skipped bail and then was captured on a train in Colorado.
Now we find out the Hsu’s various American based companies listed on federal campaign filing with the FEC no longer exist, and indeed might be fictitious. Is anyone shocked by this? Hsu filed for bankruptcy last year, so it begs the question, where did he get the resources to contribute so much money?

The liberal press will not connect the dots that would normally lead any rationally thinking person to suspect that Clinton and the DNC are back to the same ole business with the way they raise funds. These illegal actions are feared to lead to foreign countries again gaining access to our military intelligence, concessions in trade agreements, etc. – Have the Chinese prospered due to the financially influencing the Democrats? Is it any wonder that China supplies over 80% of all toys sold in American stores?

Certainly there are more Hsu's out there. There needs to be a full scale investigation of all DNC contributors.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good News VS Bad News for America

It has become painstakingly obvious to any clear thinking individual that any type of “good news” for America under the Bush administration is considered “bad news” for Democrats. Take the good news about America’s strong economy for example. The Dow Stock Exchange recently set record highs and yet the Democrats and their brothers in arms, the liberal press, downplay it. How about the fact that the Patriot Act has protected every US citizen from another 9/11 type of attack and again the Left Wing with their liberal press accuses Bush of violating the civil rights of citizens with their NSA screening for terrorism calls coming into our country. What about my human right to live versus the civil rights of Muslims to chatter undetected from one continent to the next?

The complete and utter defeat in Iraq is the only acceptable outcome that will satisfy the Democrats on the war. The onslaught of American soldiers returning home from the war in Iraq or Afghanistan wounded or in body bags, is welcomed as good news with high-fiving among many in the left wing.

Some of the top Democratic leaders in Congress including Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton voted against continuing the military funding in Iraq so that Americans soldiers could be provided with the latest in technology in defense against the dreaded IED’s that are causing the greatest amount of deaths and wounded. Politics, getting elected President trumps any consideration for the lives of American soldiers. Even Senator Biden chided both Senators in one of the debates for their heartless, insensitive actions.

Let’s not let Senator Biden off the hook completely either. In this same You Tube” Democratic debate, Senator Biden proposed sending in 2500 hundred American troops today, right now if he was president to stop the civil war in Darfur, Africa. Of course Biden is one of the loudest voices heard on Capital Hill criticizing the White House’s policy on the war in Iraq because American is now caught in the middle of a civil war there and we should have no part of it.

The difference as I see it between most conservatives and Democrats is that most conservatives are willing to break rank with their leaders, if their leaders deviate from conservative main stream thinking. Democrats would rather fall on the sword than betray one of their own leaders regardless of how absurd their policies are.

Here are some of my own personal examples where I disagree with White House policy: Bush wanted to sign a new immigration bill that Senator Kennedy, Graham and others drew up that would have legalized 20 to 40 million immigrants in one signing of the pen. No, they wouldn’t have become instant US citizens, but still would have received all the rights and privileges of US citizens. Fortunately, talk radio and TV talk host campaigned religiously against it winning out in the end. Last year alone, over 190 billion dollars were spent on illegal aliens. We could have covered the cost of health care for every single US citizen who isn’t already covered with that money.

I'm upset with the president over his failure to move quicker in New Orleans after Katrina. I upset with the president taking the side of the Texas district attorney, Sutton over the jailing of 2 border guards for 10 and 11 years respectively. Both border guards should be immediately set free, pardoned by the president.

You see, I disagree with the White House's policies and go on record. What about the Democrats?

There is the new left wing ideology that’s been labeled “Post Modernism.” This new philosophy is a failure to see the truth or face facts that don’t correlate with their Left Wing’s feelings… emotions that fit their own beliefs and ideologies. For example, fanatical Muslims intent on killing every American, Christian or Jew are not America’s enemy with the left; instead, Bush is the enemy. Let’s not even identify them as Muslims, but non-Americans. So, who flew those planes into the Trade Center on 9/11? To the emotional left, it was President Bush who masterminded it, of course? They are completely blinded to the truth.

How about another example! Everyone knows that the levies in New Orleans broke because of Hurricane Katrina that flooded the city. No, the left’s warp minds cannot accept this truth or fact, but conjure a Left Wing’s wacko theory that Bush himself had his anti-black civil engineers destroy the levees on purpose in order to destroy the city and as an added plus, kill Afro-Americans in the process.

Apparently there is a part of the brain that shuts off thinking with common sense when emotion is involved. Compare it to “being in love." Who hasn’t been blinded by emotion when “in love” making bad decisions that you wouldn’t normally have made with a clear thinking mind? It’s the same thing for Post Modernists, the Left’s hatred for Bush or conservatives for that matter, have a traumatic effect on their brains, blinding them from seeing the truth.

Let’s put the Democratic left’s way of thinking into proper perspective. Here are some examples to illustrate the Democratic Party's impact on America’s future.
1. A left wing judge let a Libyan child molester go free because they couldn’t find a court appointed interpreter from Libya. The Libyan molested two defenseless children, a 7 year-old boy and the other, only a one-year old boy. The court admitted that they couldn’t find an interpreter in the two years they searched so their hands were tied since he was entitled to a speedy trial. Here are the facts that the Post Modernist can’t see. One, an interpreter was found within one hour of searching for one... one who lived only 15 miles of the courtroom. Next, the Libyan, thug, molester, actually graduated from high school in town and could speak perfect English.
2. The left wing district attorney in North Carolina purposely indicted three innocent students from Duke charging them with raping a drug induced stripper at a frat party. Politics reared its ugly head... winning the black vote was needed if he was to win the upcoming election for district attorney. The district attorney was caught lying and suppressing evidence that would have easily freed the students. Luckily, he has been bared from practicing law ever again and perhaps will spend time in prison himself.
3. Currently, a left wing principal and the left wing district attorney from that city are attempting to prosecute a 13 year old middle school student and to send him to prison for 10 years for slapping another 8th grader on the rear.
4. Left wing administrators pardon two men from prison with over 20 robberies and other crimes on their records. These same two men broke into a house in Connecticut, raped and murdered the mother, 17 and 11 year old daughters, beat the dad unrecognizable then set the house on fire.

I could go on and on siting cases.

We must do whatever is neccessary to bring sanity back to into America.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Democrat Leadership Should Be Held in Contempt!

Where is the outrage?

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader, Dick Reid have crossed the accepted political line with no apparent negative consequences. They have raised some serious questions about their ulterior motives in their recent actions undermining our Constitution.

Recently, Pelosi traveled to Syria to meet with their president against the expressed wishes and orders from the White House. Arrogant beyond comprehension, she ignored President Bush's concerns and went anyway. It is abundantly clear to most rational thinking Americans that we as a nation, must present a united front against terrorism and countries that facilitate their terrorists acts as well as their insane ideologies. President Bush has made it exceedingly clear to the leaders of Iraq, Iran and Syrian exactly where our country stands and what our foreign policy is. Any attempt by the Speaker of the House to misrepresent the President's foreign policies or to present a contrary view is tantamount to treason.

Where is the outrage? First of all, Congress is so busy holding the US Attorney General's feet to the fire over the White House firing of eight district attorneys that Pelosi's mission to Syria has gone under the radar. Gonzales is so busy defending himself that he hasn't found the time or is intimidated by the Democrats to hold Pelosi accountable for her damaging actions. She should be immediately indicted and sworn in under oath to respond to the following questions:

1. Did she make any promises to the Syrian President that compromises our American soldiers in Iraq? For example, if Pelosi conveyed to the Syrian President that American troops are coming home soon regardless of President Bush's existing policy (now that the Democrats control Congress), this could easily be construed as an act of treason, if her misrepresentation actually strengthens the resolve of the insurgents in Iraq. American soldier's lives are at stake.

2. What promises did she make to the Syrian President that in any way contradict the White House's foreign policies?

3. As Speaker of the House, is there a premeditated plan on her part or the part of a group of Democrats, to willfully attempt to unseat both the the President and Vice President of the United States by the following illegal actions? (Speaker of the House in next in line for the presidency if both the Vice President and President are forced to leave office)
a) Was it part of the premeditated plan (coup) to indict Scooter Libby for outing a CIA operative, knowing full well he was innocent, hopefully leading to the indictment and impeachment of the Vice President, then the President?
b) Was it part of the premeditated plan (coup) to indict US Attorney General Gonzales for firing the eight district attorneys even though it was within the White House's powers to do so, thus weakening the power of the attorney general while attempting the coup?
c) Will both Pelosi and Reid turn over all related correspondence by way of emails and written materials to the US attorney general's office?

Also, Dick Reid made a dangerous statement recently in his press conference declaring that America has lost the war in Iraq. This insidiously statement could potentially be more harmful to the courageous efforts on the behalf of our military in Iraq then all of the enemy's bombs combined. The insurgents in Iraq will definitely draw strength from his statements that will surely lead to the loss of more American soldier's lives.

Again, where is the outrage?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barack Obama... Can he Unite Our Divided Country?

April, 2007

Perhaps I should take another serious look at voting for Barack Obama for president in the upcomming national election. For anybody out there who know me or have read my blogs know full well that I lean full tilt to the right in my most of my ideologies.

One of my concerns about voting for Barack is, if he becomes our next president, will he represent all American citizens, not just Afro Americans? Will he be so beholding to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to cement the Black vote, that the rest of the citizens will not get the same fair consideration is our needs and rights? First of all, who elected Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson as the proprietor of moral conscious on any issue, especially with their racially divisive backgrounds.

I admit, I've written animadversions about Obama's associations with these before mentioned civil rights leaders. We need our next president to unite all of us as a country and to make important future policies that represent all Americans. Is there one single breathing sole alive that believe that either Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton represents any cause that isn't racially divisive and furthers their own personal agendas?

One case in point: Imus is embroiled in the media and rightfully so, about his racially offensive comments about Rutger's women's basketball team. Both Jackson and Sharpton have led the charge to pressure MS NBC and corporate sponsors to fire Imus from his TV show which was accomplished. I too believe his remarks were damaging to these Innocent female college students and should have been fired because of it and a history of crude, hateful demonizing rhetoric in the past. Good riddance Imus. But, should these two historically biased, racially divisive civil rights leaders guide, lead, influence, control, and persuade Obama's personal moral compass as our next acting president? I think not.

It's obvious to even the mentally challenged that both Jackson and Sharpton seek racially minded issues that advance their causes. In New York city alone, 70% of all crime is committed by the 24% of Afro Americans in that city. Where is the outrage? Where are Jackson and Sharpton in working with the community to put a dent into these disturbing figures that concern Blacks? They are too busy getting Imus fired for one racist comment while fellow Blacks are being killed daily in New York city.

Our country is so divided between the two parties on almost every pertinent national and current events issue facing our great nation. This inquietude is shared by many of us with no foreseeable salvation in sight.

It's too difficult to digest at times the intensity of the inimical attitude Democrats take towards anything that remotely represents, American patriotism, the war in Iraq, how we education our children, controlling immigration, how we grow our economy, taxation, religion... you get my point. We are from one country, yet our ideologies are vastly different.

Perhaps, if Obama can learn to stand on his own two political feet and represent all Americans, he might be the political savior we have all been searching for. I actually believe he's sincere in his attempt to be the uniter we've all be searching for. He doesn't spew hatred, but instead speaks from his heart in a pleasing, gentle tone on all issues which is admirable, drawing in larger crowds in his speeches than any of his counterparts for the presidency in either party.

At this point, Barack Obama has my vote. Our country will implode from within if something isn't done to remedy the ongoing epidemic in politics. I like his approach to settling the immigration problem. He has said that he believes that the Mexican border has to better monitored, that illegal immigrants should have to earn their citizenship in some fashion, learn to speak English, and go back of the line to become American citizens. Obama also believes that America doesn't have the resources to send all of them back to Mexico. I agree. Let's try it his way; nothing is working now.

Okay Obama, let's see if you can keep my vote until the election next year, or will you fall back in submission to Jackson's and Sharpton's control which I sadly fear?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Democratic Congress Has Gone Amok

April, 2007
The controlling Democratic Congress has taken control of the US government and are now running amok. By their insidious actions, they have done everything within their power to enfeeble our country to its bloody core.

It's extremely obvious to many of us that the Democrat's consuming, immutable hatred towards the president and his Republican administration outweigh any patriotic feelings they once had for their country. Their plan of action is to retake the presidency at any cost. Good news in any fashion for our country under the Bush administration is viewed as a negative by the liberal left. Take low employment rates, a growing healthy economy, daily successes in Iraq and yet, the biased press and left minded politicians inveigh all of these successes.

Even many of their own constituents of the Democratic party are confused by their own party's enigmatic policy of aligning with illegal immigrant's efforts to remain in this country. It's quite obvious that the Democrat's underlying objective is to quickly initiate new laws allowing these illegal immigrants from Mexico the right of suffrage, in their favor, of course. The ends justify the means at any cost to unseat the Republicans.

There is no concern from the Democrat's perspective because their strategy is to simply pay for all the additional costs by raising taxes on the middle and upper classes. There's no need to worry on their part about straining our economy as we struggle to educate, house, and medically treat every illegal in our country. Our schools are breaking at the seams with the overcrowding of illegal immigrant's children, emergency rooms are backed up for hours before those who are sick or injured can be seen with the influx of illegal patients, doctors are delivering illegal immigrant babies by the thousands, and so forth, but the main point I'm trying to make is that this is but a small price to pay to enjoin the illegal vote on their side. With the consistent backing of 90% of all Afro Americans and about 95% of illegal Mexicans added to their left wing votes, the Democrats could potentially stay in office for a long time; that's all that matters.

President Bush just recently released his new and improved immigration policy that requires all illegal immigrants to return to Mexico, pay a ten thousand dollar fine and then wait in line to legally return to the US. Why even propose a plan with a 100% of failure? Who is giving this man advice?

First, I sympathize compassionately with the Mexicans migrating to our country to provide a better life for their families. Most Mexicans are hard working, caring people that should be given some realistic chance of becoming US citizens. How about illegals serving time in our military for a minimum of two to four years, helping us overseas where armed forces are needed or serving some type of community service to earn citizenship? How is is that I can think of this, but Congress can't?

Conversely, I'm increasingly despondent over the fact that the executive office, more specifically, President Bush, has refused to counter the Democrat's efforts to undue over 200 years of democracy. The Democrats have developed a new stratagem of not just demonizing their Congress counterparts as in the past, but are now attempting to criminalize those that disagree with their ideologies, take Scooter Libby as an example.

Scooter Libby successfully was entrapped by a liberal Federal attorney who indicted him for allegedly outing a CIA operative. They spent four years going after Scooter Libby, an aid to the Vice President in hopes of making a direct bee line to the president's head . Even after the prosecuting attorney found out that Libby was totally innocent of the original charge, he still went after him. They eventually found a jury to convict Libby on not being able to remember every single detail in hundreds of conversations over the last four years, therefore in their estimation, lying under oath. Libby can potentially serve 25 years in a Federal prison for a crime he didn't commit. Not one word out of Bush's mouth in his defense.

Now, they are going after the US Attorney General, Gonzalez in the same fashion. The president had the right to fire eight judicial judges, but the Democrat controlled Congress is indicting the Attorney General in hope of catching him in some type of lie under oath. It's a brilliant plan of action on the Democrat's twisted side worthy of the Nazi, Gerble himself. Mark my words, they will not quit there. Who will they go after next, you and I?

Bush's nugatory time remaining in office is consumed with his efforts of continuing his war in Iraq. I blame him for not standing up to these illiberal minded Democrats with the same intensity he defends the war. How about indicting Speaker of the House, Pelosi for meeting with the Syrians which is strictly forbidden by law. Your propitious attitude towards those who mean you serious harm, including jail time is quite disconcerting to me. In other words, Mr. President, it's time to stand up and fight for all of our causes, not just the war effort; our country's future depends on it.