Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24 TV Show Analogy

What a wonderful first 4 hours kicking off this years 24 TV show. Keifer Sutherland is much more intense and seems to have the country's weight on his shoulder hunting down terrorist to save LA from a nuclear threat.

Once of the points the show is making is a direct correlation to what's happening in America today. The president's sister operates an agency for a Muslims center and when the FBI demand to acquire the files on Muslims within her data base, she deletes every file. She does this under the premise that the government is infringing on ordinary good Muslim's rights. Forget about the fact that bombs are going off all over the LA, people are dying, being blown up on trains, etc.,... the government know it's a Muslim group doing this, and yet, she contends that Muslims have civil rights that are more important that the LA citizen's basic human right to live.

Of course there are good and bad Muslims, but that's not the issue here. It's the right of every American to be safe in their own home. Try this for a mental excesses. Every time racial profiling is brought up in attempt to protect a few people's civil rights over the human rights of others, inject this premise.

Exchange the Muslim center seen on 24 for the KKK center instead. Would the president's sister still have been defending the rights of the racist KKK? Remember, the KKK as I hear today, kill no one, and only believe that whites are superior to all others races, including mine, Italian.

The worst they do now, is act stupidly burning crosses in Black's yards. They've kill no one in the last 30 years that I've heard of, or beheaded anyone, but normally keep to their racist selves. Yet, they are treated and viewed much more vile than any enemy Muslim that is out to kill every single American that isn't Muslim.

The president's sister on the 24 TV show would have led the way to hand over those files, kicking down the door herself, helping to lock up every KKK suspect for the slightest infraction and not one agency, including the ACLU would have spoken out or done anything to stop them. Instead, the president's sister would have been seen as a hero fighting for justice, blah, blah. I'm definitely not defending the KKK, but pointing out the hypocrisy's here.

All we have to do to defeat the terrorist is to think of them as the KKK. If that was the case, there would be no argument about listening in to phone calls coming in from suspected KKK freedom fighters intent on killing every non KKK Americans.

Racial profiling is not only the right thing to do, but what good police work is all about. We're living in a politically correct world that is now totally upside down.

Another Mental Exercise

This situation is that 4 Black churches have been burned down in one small town. Seen by many town folk, are KKK looking skin heads in each of the vicinities of each church that has been destroyed. Later a car carrying white skin heads is observed late at night moving slowly in a black neighborhood close to a black church. Should the police stop their car just as a precaution or instead ignore the car and begin stopping black grandmothers in wheel chairs and frisk them instead? What are we doing at our airports now?

Racial profiling was first celebrated by the author of Sherlock Holmes. He used elementary deductions to solve crimes. Why can't our police agencies do the same? If we, as a people can tolerate how we're all subjected to at airports, then we should be able to allow the government to spy / listen in on suspected terrorist chatter coming from overseas, etc.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


The Democrats took control of Congress today.

While the left side of the isle party and celebrate their re-take of what was once their house for the first time in 12 years, Republicans, Independents, and the everyday normal conservative thinking person are marking this day on their calendars as D-Day, the decline of America.

Of course, history will be written from some one's personal point of view, their own political slant on how they see things, but regardless of any future authors renditions, America on this day took that giant first step in their ultimate demise.

All good things must come to an end.

Remember the Roman empire, thousands of years of dominance and look what happened to them. Look how similar our country is to that once great empire; the Romans lose control of their central government, become dependent on their slave labor, bicker and fight among themselves, and without seeing the writing on the wall, lose it all almost overnight... entering into hundreds and hundreds years of the dark ages. We are not far off.

The Democratic suicidal concern for civil right of citizens is not what the Greeks and Romans had in mind when they were constructing the templates for future free thinking societies. Rights of citizens never, ever took precedence over national securities state of affairs. Imagine an enemy spy that represents the spy's country's intent on Rome's destruction and a Roman Senator stands up in the Assembly and decrees the spy's rights had been violated because of perhaps the means he was captured. The Senator crying for understanding and the release of this poor spy would be stabbed on the Senate floor. The ACLU would have lasted all of 15 minutes in those societies.

No one is attempting to deny Americans of civil rights granted to them by our constitution, but in time of war, exceptions must be made; like the kind Abraham Lincoln made when he imprisoned certain groups that were opposed to the Civil War.

When a person's civil rights out weighs my human rights, especially for the right to live safely on my own native soil, the writing is on the wall for eventual defeat.

Examples of note:

The Democrats are for destroying every effort for our military and intelligence to protect our citizens from attack from outside sources intent on destroying our nation. It doesn't matter that the fanatical Muslims are chattering on the Internet and phone lines to their secret coverts here in America about killing innocents in our country at every opportunity.

The Democratic party is more concerned about their rights to do whatever they have plans for without any type of surveillance from our government. Asking the NSA to first get warrants from judges that might take days to get in order to listen to enemy chatter is tantamount to insanity and criminal negligence.

Again, it's where you are seated as how you see any issue. Some understood why certain frontiersmen turned traitor in the French and Indians War. If you look at it from an Indian's perspective, they weren't traitors, but hero's. Of course most Americans looked upon such traitors as Simon Girty in the most despicable manner. He actually lead enemy Indians to settlers doors, and upon seeing a friendly face, the door opened up to hordes of Indians butchering, mutilating, scalping and burning at the stake all inside including infants. Girty also took part in the actual butchering of his fellow frontiers people.

It's the same with the left. The enemies threatening to destroy America will see the party in control, the Democrats as heroes as well, when America is no more; when cities have been nuked, Christians and Jews are being nailed to crosses, cut off heads of the women and infants litter the streets. These allies of those who would destroy us will be seen as heroes.

I guess it's just how to see it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


It's a new year, but more importantly, it's a new world.

News of Saddam Hussein's execution bodes well that Iraq can begin to rebuild their country now that their insane former dictator has now been hung.

But their are concerns over the war:

We are not fighting the war with a winning philosophy that must be brutal at times; thus the thousands years old cliche, war is hell. I agree the war had to be fought; American lives had to be sacrificed in a valiant effort in order to rid the world of a fanatical dictator fully capable of creating weapons of mass destruction. After the creation of such methods of destruction, Hussein would certainly use them against us and our allies.

Age and experience dictates that invading Iraq was the only solution and that the now known corrupt world alliance housed in Washington DC, the United Nations were in collusion with Hussein and that the US would have been bombed long before sanctions on Iraq would have ever been enforced.

The overall strategy of Bush is to create a new Iraq that will be democratic in nature that will have a positive versus negative impact in that fanatical Muslims controlled part of the world. Have said that, we should never act as occupiers, but should train the Iraq army to protect and control their own destiny. We are treating the Iraq people the same way we would spoil a child. We are not holding them accountable for the most basic of procedures; protecting their own people and running their own affairs.

And on top of that, we are spending up to one trillion dollars to rebuild their infrastructure and not one red cent is coming out of their pockets. Congress should act to override Bush's act of insane charity and to extract every cent spent in Iraq for our own uses in our own country.

What could our country do with one trillion dollars?

Think about this obsurdity. Most of our own military has to survive by living on food stamps, our schools assistance programs for breakfast and lunches have been cut back, music and basic exercise programs have been entirely deleted from schools and so forth, but we will pay for out of the taxpayers checking accounts rebuilding the entire country of Iraq. It's nice to know that they will have new schools, new hosipitals, new roads, etc. while we are forced to sacrifice here in our own country.

All this because Bush doesn't want to be perceived as going to war for oil. Who the fuck cares at the juncture? Have them repay the US gov't once they get back on their feet and their oil is flowing freely once again.