Thursday, January 4, 2007


The Democrats took control of Congress today.

While the left side of the isle party and celebrate their re-take of what was once their house for the first time in 12 years, Republicans, Independents, and the everyday normal conservative thinking person are marking this day on their calendars as D-Day, the decline of America.

Of course, history will be written from some one's personal point of view, their own political slant on how they see things, but regardless of any future authors renditions, America on this day took that giant first step in their ultimate demise.

All good things must come to an end.

Remember the Roman empire, thousands of years of dominance and look what happened to them. Look how similar our country is to that once great empire; the Romans lose control of their central government, become dependent on their slave labor, bicker and fight among themselves, and without seeing the writing on the wall, lose it all almost overnight... entering into hundreds and hundreds years of the dark ages. We are not far off.

The Democratic suicidal concern for civil right of citizens is not what the Greeks and Romans had in mind when they were constructing the templates for future free thinking societies. Rights of citizens never, ever took precedence over national securities state of affairs. Imagine an enemy spy that represents the spy's country's intent on Rome's destruction and a Roman Senator stands up in the Assembly and decrees the spy's rights had been violated because of perhaps the means he was captured. The Senator crying for understanding and the release of this poor spy would be stabbed on the Senate floor. The ACLU would have lasted all of 15 minutes in those societies.

No one is attempting to deny Americans of civil rights granted to them by our constitution, but in time of war, exceptions must be made; like the kind Abraham Lincoln made when he imprisoned certain groups that were opposed to the Civil War.

When a person's civil rights out weighs my human rights, especially for the right to live safely on my own native soil, the writing is on the wall for eventual defeat.

Examples of note:

The Democrats are for destroying every effort for our military and intelligence to protect our citizens from attack from outside sources intent on destroying our nation. It doesn't matter that the fanatical Muslims are chattering on the Internet and phone lines to their secret coverts here in America about killing innocents in our country at every opportunity.

The Democratic party is more concerned about their rights to do whatever they have plans for without any type of surveillance from our government. Asking the NSA to first get warrants from judges that might take days to get in order to listen to enemy chatter is tantamount to insanity and criminal negligence.

Again, it's where you are seated as how you see any issue. Some understood why certain frontiersmen turned traitor in the French and Indians War. If you look at it from an Indian's perspective, they weren't traitors, but hero's. Of course most Americans looked upon such traitors as Simon Girty in the most despicable manner. He actually lead enemy Indians to settlers doors, and upon seeing a friendly face, the door opened up to hordes of Indians butchering, mutilating, scalping and burning at the stake all inside including infants. Girty also took part in the actual butchering of his fellow frontiers people.

It's the same with the left. The enemies threatening to destroy America will see the party in control, the Democrats as heroes as well, when America is no more; when cities have been nuked, Christians and Jews are being nailed to crosses, cut off heads of the women and infants litter the streets. These allies of those who would destroy us will be seen as heroes.

I guess it's just how to see it.

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