Tuesday, January 2, 2007


It's a new year, but more importantly, it's a new world.

News of Saddam Hussein's execution bodes well that Iraq can begin to rebuild their country now that their insane former dictator has now been hung.

But their are concerns over the war:

We are not fighting the war with a winning philosophy that must be brutal at times; thus the thousands years old cliche, war is hell. I agree the war had to be fought; American lives had to be sacrificed in a valiant effort in order to rid the world of a fanatical dictator fully capable of creating weapons of mass destruction. After the creation of such methods of destruction, Hussein would certainly use them against us and our allies.

Age and experience dictates that invading Iraq was the only solution and that the now known corrupt world alliance housed in Washington DC, the United Nations were in collusion with Hussein and that the US would have been bombed long before sanctions on Iraq would have ever been enforced.

The overall strategy of Bush is to create a new Iraq that will be democratic in nature that will have a positive versus negative impact in that fanatical Muslims controlled part of the world. Have said that, we should never act as occupiers, but should train the Iraq army to protect and control their own destiny. We are treating the Iraq people the same way we would spoil a child. We are not holding them accountable for the most basic of procedures; protecting their own people and running their own affairs.

And on top of that, we are spending up to one trillion dollars to rebuild their infrastructure and not one red cent is coming out of their pockets. Congress should act to override Bush's act of insane charity and to extract every cent spent in Iraq for our own uses in our own country.

What could our country do with one trillion dollars?

Think about this obsurdity. Most of our own military has to survive by living on food stamps, our schools assistance programs for breakfast and lunches have been cut back, music and basic exercise programs have been entirely deleted from schools and so forth, but we will pay for out of the taxpayers checking accounts rebuilding the entire country of Iraq. It's nice to know that they will have new schools, new hosipitals, new roads, etc. while we are forced to sacrifice here in our own country.

All this because Bush doesn't want to be perceived as going to war for oil. Who the fuck cares at the juncture? Have them repay the US gov't once they get back on their feet and their oil is flowing freely once again.


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