Sunday, December 24, 2006

Personal Journal

Hello world!

Welcome to my very first entry into blogging. Like so many others, I have plenty to write about on in what I call my world. My world is the world as I see it regardless of any other's views.

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, I moved with my family to Rome, Italy as a 3 year old at which time I started Kindergarten. I began the first grade at 5 years old and continued my education overseas until the 3rd grade. Moved back to the US just in time for the assassination of President Kennedy which still impacts my life today. How he represented us to the world and was seen by others is a far cry from how our US leaders are viewed today.

I was a former world class athlete competing around the world. I also majored in History at the University of South Carolina and will have historical perspectives to add from time to time. I'm going to comment on all relative issues in my world from family life, current issues, state and US, politics as well as the simple observations of life in my blogs.

I'm 54 today, this 24Th of December 2006. In my life time I was fortunate to have traveled through out the country and a good bit of the world. From my life experience, I have have formulated simple, basic observations.I also acted in as well as producing both videos and feature films. From excelling in my martial arts background, I was fortunate enough to make the transition into films after being discovered on a karate magazine cover. So, I have been a part of the Hollywood establishment and have my own observations on their realities of life.

I now write books for a major publishing company on kid's safety, teach at an action film academy, write feature film scripts, and will be producing a major motion picture beginning in 2007.

A type of outer-world experience happened in my life last year. I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor while out with my good friend and partner in producing films, Keith Strandberg. I flew back to Atlanta, Ga. where they performed the 7 hour surgery. Good news was that it was totally benign. The really good news is that something happened more than just removing a tumor the size of a tennis ball that had been effecting the way I spoke and thought for some time. The tumor had been growing my entire life according to the doctor. When the tumor was removed, a speech therapist testing me for two consecutive days to see if I retained my critical thinking skills. What I found was that they were enhanced by all accounts. I thought clearer, spoke better, and found that my basic mental motor skills were moving at advanced speeds as compared to before the operation.

The reality is that I see things much easier now than before. It was as if my brain was clouded at times when trying to accomplish the simplest of task. Right before surgery for example, I couldn't remember how to spell the word, house. The therapist could not believe how fast my mind worked immediately after surgery. I was repeating 5 and 6 syllable words, remembering list of phone numbers, etc. It was as if the cloud had been blown away and now the answers are there right in from of me where they were so hard to reach before.

It is from this new perspective that I can now see life that I will write about. Example, the world I grew up in as a child has changed dramatically. I'm not saying that this is good or bad, but just stating a fact. One of the major differences in our society today that was difference 20 and 30 years ago, is the fact that a person's personal skeletons were just that and were actually taken to the grave. Embarrassing family issues were kept within the family and sworn to secrecy usually by all. It usually would take years after a particular person's death that the incredible secret would come to light and all would be shocked. "No way." "I can't believe it." "You've got to be joking." Common cliche statements of my time. Now, personal skeletons are the new Red Badges of Courage for most people. People literally take pride in exposing every despicable embarrassing episode in their lives or others as if it was normal activity to everyone up to national talk shows. It's on these types of shows where they are applauded for being courageous and opening their innermost secrets. TV Shows like Oprah (which I have been a guest) and others more radical shows like Jerry Springer have shown the world the darker side of life; the secrets that everyone used to take to their graves. Having said that, it is a new world.

Here's are some basic observations I would like to share. My son spent over 7 months in Iraq in the National Guard and fought in 27 fire fights. He was close to death on many occasions and received medals for his bravery. He was only 17 years old at the time and joined for patriotic reasons after 9/11 as well as future GI college funds.The results are that he returned to the states, and was not allowed to vote or drink. We trust his instincts enough to carry a machine gun and defend our country, but God forbid put a beer in his hands or allow him to vote. The sad news is that after attending his first semester in college which I paid for, he still hasn't been been granted the promised GI bill funds for college as of yet. No one can give us an answer, but when he goes through the proper chain of command as to why he not even receiving his monthly income for being in the National Guard, the reply is usually, "give me 20 fucking push ups and don't bother me again." After attempting this approach 3 times, he finds his Captain on the grounds and when he attempts to approach him over his ordeal, he is reprimanded by not going through the normal chain of commands. Welcome to the Army is all we ever hear.

My brother is a full bird, Colonel in the Marines just getting back from 2 duties overseas. First one in Iraq and the second tour in Afghanistan. He has promised to look into the problem for us, but what about the others who fought bravely for our country? How are they to resolve their problems with typical Government crap?

Here's some food for thought about the efficiency of our government in action. Take the Post Office for example. You are asked at the post office by usually some incredibly rude worker, if you want to buy additional insurance on any letters or packages you need to send. That's there only fucking job they have (mailing your stuff), and they ask you if you want to purchase insurance that it gets there on time or not. Any other businesses outside of government operating like that and they wouldn't last a week. I'm sorry, but private enterprise is the answer to a good bit of our national problems, not more government control. Imagine if Hillary or Kerry becomes the next President, there will major chaos.

And one more question no one has ever successfully answered for me before. Take someone like our beloved Hollywood singing idle, Barbara Streisand. She hates and belittles President Bush on every chance she gets. I don't understand the rational here. She's Jewish and Bush has done everything possible to remain Israel's greatest ally. Former President Carter is Palestine's biggest supporter next to the Clintons. It just seems logical that she would be siding with the President that protects her own religious concerns. She's not the only one. Hollywood Jewish actors and major Jewish film producers continuously speak out against Bush and his alliance with Israel. What in the hell gives here?

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