Friday, February 16, 2007

Leave the TV show, 24 alone!

I woke up this morning to hear on the radio that an army general has requested a meeting with the producers of the TV show, 24. It is my understanding that the general is going to attempt to influence the producers to modify the central character, Jack Baeur who heads up a CTU ant-terrorist group for the US government.

Here's what I think and a good bit of soul searching has gone into this observation. Mr. general, leave the f----g show alone and concentrate on what our tax paying citizens are paying you in the first place and that's for and that is for you to do your f---g job. Get back to Iraq and focus on the big picture, winning the war, keeping it from becoming a safe haven for terrorist.

Your contention, Mr. general is that the torture scenes on 24 are having an effect on your troops in Iraq and also that the show will destroy our image even more overseas. Let me explain the facts to you so that you will understand exactly what I'm saying. You have bowed into the left wing's peer pressure and now are attacking one of the few shows on TV with a remote right wing slant. 24 is a fictitious TV show and should not be taken too seriously by the government.

You are more concerned about how we will be perceived abroad than you are about our own children in America. How dare you, sir! You have no problem with 100,000 acts of violence being broadcast 24/7 on movies depicting zombies eating people's insides, heads being bashed in and exploded graphically, and a thousand other violent scenes influencing our own children. Who cares about them? We just don't want other nations to think poorly of us. Are you out of your cotton picking mind? The rest of the world hates us already and our US troops are routinely criticized by the drive by media for torturing prisoners. Yes, they did play Rap music which is offensive to Muslims, but no head were cut off as how our enemies treat our prisoners.

Leave 24 alone and go win the war you're paid to conduct and focus on protecting your own men and women in the military as much as you're concerned for our enemies.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Was the War in Iraq Beneficial to US Interest?

Was the war in Iraq beneficial to US interest is a valid question that can be better answered with the passing of time. It's too early to adequately judge the full long term ramifications of the US involvement in the middle east at this time.

One fact for sure it that the fanatical Muslims who attempt to spread their insane ideologies world wide only respect power and prey on countries that demonstrate weakness. The US was attacked on 9/11 and the connection at that time, even though the facts are suspect now with the advantage of hindsight, drew conclusions that there were valid reasons to get rid of Hussein and his fascist government. But one thing is abundantly clear, had we not gone into Iraq, 9/11 would be just one of the many ill fated dates in American history that future generations of history students would have to memorize.

Due to the strength demonstrated by President Bush after 9/11, love him or hate him, our country is much safer now than before. What country is fool enough to think America is weak ,as we were during the Iranian hostage crisis in the 80's under our worst president, Carter. The answer is none. Why? Because America will do whatever is necessary to protect itself.

Perhaps, we are not loved as before, but most countries hate the US anyway. America is a super power and must conduct itself as one. Being a super power has its responsibilities as well. It means the US should lead the world in financial aid and charity to those countries in need and America has done exactly that, but this fact is usually over looked.

But, one thing is clear to all, as long as America has a republican sitting in the White House, if America is attacked, god forbid, America will retaliate. This is basic survival 101 and all the left wing liberals that believe the Ossam's of this world only want peace and good will with us are as usual... dead wrong.

Is Charlize Theron anti-American?

Is Charlize Theron anti-American? She could be the most beautiful of the Hollywood beautiful and is respected as a fine actress as well. I know this because I'm one of her biggest fans up to now.

Lately, she has moved into the realm of politics. Her first venture into saving the world, or addressing the wrongs on our planet is revealed in her new exciting documentary on the hardships imposed on black Rappers in Cuba. Yes, you heard right.

Charlize is not speaking out on global warming or trying to raise funds for the aids crisis. No, her focus is all about how rapers in Cuba not being able to rap away into the night without the oppressed communistic government watching over their shoulders. God forbid, black rappers are not being able to... hold on a minute while I shed a tear... OK, I'm better now...not being able to rap freely.

This world startling documentary was make known on her appearance on CNN recently. Now for those who don't know what CNN stands for most of the time, it's so far to the left, that it's either called the Communist Channel or the Clinton Channel, not much difference between the two. It was during this interview that she claimed that America was a evil as Cuba. This took the CNN host back and even he had to readdress the issue. He asked her why she considered America as been the same as the despot controlled country of Cuba. She replied because America fires news reporters who are against the war on Iraq.

The reporter was shocked to say the least at her stupidy. He followed by asking her one more time if she considered America in the same vein as Cuba and again, she talked about the unjust war and replied a definite yes. Even the liberal host of the show was irritate and Charlize did everything in her power to change the subject. Her name sentence out of her political brain was, " I want to make out with you." What?

Apparently, her home country of South Africa, home of Apartheid is Ok by her political standards, but America is evil.

I've to remember never to listen to actors speak out on politics because most of the time, they reveal to the world how incredibly stupid they really are.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Al Gore's Nose is Growing Longer Each Day

Former Vice President, Al Gore has produced an award winning movie on Global Warming that has grabbed the world's attention. The first class produced film is unfortunately filled with enormous exaggerations according to most environmental scientist not associated with the EPR.
The problem is that those in control of these studies on global warming will not even accept, talk to, include in any discussions, or listen to any of those who don't agree with their findings.

The global warming fanatics have become a political entity with the goals of generating global funds keeping them solvent and also for continuing their stance against anything and everything associated with Republicans and especially, with President Bush. Their hatred for Bush is overwhelming with this group and truly believe that Bush by himself is responsible for global warming. Forget about China, Brazil, Russia and the rest of the world's contribution to pollutants on our planet; it's all Bush's fault.

After seeing the film, I've come to the conclusion that Gore is passionate, if nothing else about the issue of our earth heating up. The problem is that many of the sensational claims made in the movie are not considered factual by all learned scientist on this subject, but are presented as just that, facts.

Claims that Florida might disappear in the near future, that the oceans are going to increase by 20 feet, that blocks of ice found in Antarctica display a brown line (pollution) separating the exact date in the history of the world of course, when Gore himself enacted the Clean Air Act in Congress. Carbon Monoxide (Co2) is not a pollution as Gore claims.

I remember taking a geology class at USC where the professor claimed that California would be torn apart by earth quakes in the next ten years because of the state lying on a fault line. Of course I took this course in 1971 and California is still there just the like Florida will most likely still be there, if I continue to drive my SUV.

The scientist believe that the ocean level will be closer to a surge of 17 inches and not the 20 feet Gore claims. And the most egregious of all egoistical claims, his one environmental act changed the ice conditions around the world.

Here's one article I found online written by Eric Boehlert.

One month after formally kicking off his presidential campaign, Vice President Al Gore paddled down the Connecticut River in New Hampshire on July 22nd, 1999, spreading his green theme of protecting the environment and pausing for a photo op. His message was quickly drowned out, though, when the Washington Times' Bill Sammon reported that local authorities had granted Gore a special favor when they released nearly 4 billion gallons of water from a nearby dam into the drought-stricken river in order to keep the vice president's boat afloat.
The price tag on the spilled water was quickly calculated at $7 million. The implication was clear: In a clumsy abuse of power, Al Gore, a supposed friend of the environment, gladly wasted precious natural resources to stage-manage a political event.

Following the lead of the Washington Times, an unabashedly conservative outlet often hostile to Democrats, the rest of the mainstream press pounced, not only upbraiding Gore for his supposed hypocrisy but also suggesting that the campaign miscue was just the latest example of a foundering presidential run. The New York Times detailed the "mishap," the Washington Post ridiculed Gore's FOUR BILLION GALLONS FOR A PHOTO OP, Newsweek dubbed it the "photo op from hell," and CNN covered the "wave of criticism after floodgates are opened on a New Hampshire river to keep Al Gore afloat." This article was written by an angry Democrat upset at all the media press Gore was generating.

I say we give Gore the Nobel Peace Prize, but not for only his contributions against global warming, but for as he claims at inventing the Internet, and that he and his wife were the couple used as the inspiration for the movie, Love Story.

If Gore was Pinocchio, how long would his nose be?

Monday, February 5, 2007

Incredible Left Wing (Nut) Conspiracy Theories

Let's focus on Left Wing nut conspiracy theories today.

It's almost unbelievable the hatred the left has for President Bush. We can trace this beginning of this hatred back to last presidential election. This is where the left claimed that the vote count in Florida was rigged and Gore should have been elected president. Here's a suggestion for all of you that believe this; get over it!

Of course, Al Gore really believes this nonsense. As usual whenever the left wins in any state, they never contend that there could have been tampering with the voting machines, etc. It's only when they loose a state that they send in their pose of lawyers hopefully attempting to build a case against Republican so called corruption.

Al Gore even has a portion of his award winning film on Global Warming (that he'll surely win the Nobel Peace Prize for) dealing with not just the effects of global warming, but how he was cheated out of the presidency. What a despicable show of character on his part as well as the entire Democratic Party. Gore's film is mandatory for young school kids across America and I wonder how many young kids have already been brainwashed by this propaganda which is 100% full of lies.

Of course, our real president, Bush, is too nice to counter these instantiated accusations with the fire and brim stone rhetoric that must of us on the right would like to see from him. He simply doesn't play the game the same way the left plays, spewing lies, accusations, and vicious name calling, etc. Bush, at all times, rules with grace and dignity and yet, he's hated with such intensity that defies normal rational thinking.

Since the beginning of time, confused thinking individuals have conveniently bent, reconstructed the laws of rational thinking in an attempt to justify their biased views on subjects, no matter how ridiculous.

Bush is evil, therefore, he had to have been complicit in the entire undertaking of the attack on the World Towers on 9/11. How remarkably insane this theory is, but the most insane of all is the fact that the leading forces behind these ridiculous conspiracies are actually professors of universities and other scholarly fellows.

One of the conspiracy theories is that it's not possible that the metal beams could have been melted by the planes crashing into the towers. The intense heat generated by the crash could not have been entirely responsible for the end results.

Here's my own scientific research into this matter. A good bit of my time and effort went into my research. I discovered that I didn't invent the cause of what I believe actually happened; others for thousands of years have had the same insight. Here is it; Shit happens. Deal with it you crackpots. Your blind hatred of our president has turned your supposedly intellectual minds into the absurd.

I know what you're thinking. Bush also was seen swimming in the waters during the Katrina affair, personally setting the charges to blow up the levees in New Orleans. All this happened at the same time he was inventing the Holocaust in Germany in 1945.

In summation, keep up the good work and all of us on the right are holding our breath in anticipation of other brilliant theories.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Barack Obama has already changed colors... not "my momma says," but "Jessie Jackson says"...

What a shame!

I thought Barack Obama, the Democrat from Illinois who's running for president in 2008 was a clean, oh, I'm sorry for the Biden slip of tongue, I mean fresh, exciting, new face on the political scene. I personally have been given him the benefit of doubt and even writing positive articles about him up to now even though I'm a Republican. I honestly thought after listening to his rhetoric the last few months, that he was a voice that could unite both parties.

I couldn't have been more wrong. All I ask of a candidate is to be courageous in their convictions, do what they believe is right, act in the best interest of the country and not give in to peer pressures, lobbyist, etc.

Yesterday, Senator Biden, another Democrat running for president, misspoke as he was delivering a speech on his very first day after his announcement to run for our highest office. He was attempting to characterize his co-Democrat, Obama when he summed up Obama by including the words articulate and clean in his talk. All hell broke loose because these words could be taken offensive, if you're actually a retarded child from Borneo. Senator Biden of course meant no disrespect, he was actually praising the man, but of course the leaders of the Black Caucus, Al Sharpten and Jessie Jackson found this an opportune time to crucify Biden, (another evil white man) which they did.

When first hearing about Biden's remarks, smartly, Obama down played the remarks and laughed it off, saying it was a poor choice of words, but no big deal. Here's where Obama turned. Almost 10 minutes later after saying this, he receives his marching orders from Jackson and Sharpton and then delivered another, changed press conference basically echoing the words of his Black mentors to the word.

Here's some great advice for you, Obama. Next time someone asks you a question, answer it the same way Adam Sandler answered everyone in the movie, Waterboy. Instead of saying, "my momma says," just say, "Jackson says," before every answer since we now know who's pulling your strings every time your lips move.

Weak, gutless, spineless is how I see you now. You can bet your articulate, clean ass, that your actions yesterday clearly illustrated to all of us your true colors. We'll just have to wait for another bright young crusader to lead our country in the future because clearly, you are not it.

What a shame!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Grandmother's 107th Birthday party

My wife and I just returned from attending my grandmother's (Assunta Vitali) birthday party in Philadelphia over the weekend. It was a glorious reunion of all of the family members gathered to pay RESPECT and show our love and admiration. She has 113 living descendants with more on their way.

It's quite extraordinary when you think about everything she has witnessed over her expansive life time; invention of the Model T cars, planes, TV, Radio, along with living through the depression, prohibiting, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and now the Iraq War.

To put it in better perspective, here's a list of 16 different presidents that have presided over our country during her life time and hopefully, she will add one more after next year's election. Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard M Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan , George Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush .

Her husband, my grandfather passed away at the age of 104 and was no spring chicken himself at the time of his demise. In 1921 my grandfather, Bernado had been living in Philadelphia having immigrated from Italy two years earlier. I'm told that he was excited waiting for his beautiful bride to be, to arrive from Italy. He didn't know her, but as was the custom in Europe back then, the marriages were pre-arranged between the families. They loved each other their entire lives and produced five RESPECTFUL children who are all still alive and healthy today, one being my own dad, Joseph.

During the early immigration days in the 20's, every immigrant's goal was living the American dream in this great country of ours. One of the differences then compared to the immigrants of today is that back then, all children were encouraged to study and learn the English language. It was part of being RESPECTFUL as well as developing a major tool, (language) to work in America in order to survive.

Think about this: My grandparents didn't speak English when they arrived in America and only my grandfather picked up a few phrases over the 85 years he lived here. My grandmother still to this day only speaks Italian. Like all immigrants of that era moving to America, they lived in a area that was dominantly Italian (Little Italy) and didn't learn English.

But here's the irony. They didn't allow their five children to speak Italian in the household ever. So the children never spoke Italian and their parents never spoke English. They wanted the best for their children and made sure they would only speak English. Out of RESPECT, that's what the children did. You see, we are of Italian heritage where RESPECT is a major deal; respect for our families and respect for our country. That has been ingrained in all of the 113 descendants.

We live in a different world.

Nationalism was revered and emphasized during my grandparents day. Honoring their new country wasn't forced upon them or any of the millions of other immigrants from all different backgrounds, but gratefully done so out of respect for being able to live their dream.

On Friday, 15 of our family members visited Washington, DC taking in the historic sites. Washington reminds me a little of Rome with all the grand architecture displayed in our capital and all of us enjoyed our time there. While we were visiting the sites, the city was preparing for the anti-war or anti-Bush demonstrations that were going to be held the next day with Jane Fonda heading up the so called peace rally.

At the peace rally, a US wounded service men attempted to plead his nationalism, his pride for serving America in the Iraq war and even though he lost a leg, he respected Bush as well as our efforts in the war. The peace rally turned vicious on him. They called him names like, baby killer and yelled at him to go back to Iraq and kill more babies. They spit in his face, gave him the finger and a large portion of the crowd attempted to harm him physically until the police stepped between them. The peace loving crowd was in a uproar to do this American hero harm.

There are many reasons why times have changed so drastically over the last 100 years.
Nationalism has disappeared because of many factors.

Our educational system shares the blame to why we as citizens, no longer hold our country, the US in a positive light the same way our fathers once viewed our nation. Our tenured teachers, having to behold to no one to keep their jobs, slant our children in the direction that America is evil in every action the country takes in order to protect itself. Some universities have even gone as far as forbidding the flying of US flags on their campuses because it offends foreigners. Imagine this policy in any other country in the world.

Our history books no longer celebrate our history and its founders. George Washington is even looked down on because he kept slaves. This of course, to any rational person is insane, to judge our forefathers by today's standards. America at its height of slavery had less than 5% of the world slaves. In other words the entire world engaged in slavery. We don't condemn the entire world, just America, and more specifically, the south.

The media is also responsible for the decline of nationalism. The left wing, biased reporters search and destroy any political representatives that don't agree with their way of thinking. In a bygone era, Presidents' Jack Kennedy's indiscretions with multiple women were kept out of the press as were Martin Luther King's tendencies to bed two women at a time. The two men were heroes in America and were treated thus by the media; find faults if you could about what they represented, but keep their personal lives out of the public. Now, all hell has broken loose. Even Barak Obama is feeling the heat from Hillary's war camp about where he attended the 4th grade.

And lastly, Hollywood is also responsible for the decline of how our country is viewed worldwide and especially here in America. Name one pro-US film. It's quite difficult, isn't it? I believe I just read somewhere that Hollywood has produced 35 anti-America recently. The world judges us by our movies. Most of the world even attempts to learn the English language from our films. No wonder they think our CIA, FBI and gov't are corrupt.

We live in a different world.

Civil rights are held in higher esteem than one's human rights (the right to live). Hating your country and it's conservative leaders are a requirement if you are enlisted in the Left Party.There is universal celebrations throughout the Democratic party only when the country's economy is suffering or when Americans are being beheaded in Iraq. Anything that is negative in our country moves the left one inch closer to inserting in one of their own into the White House at any cost. Our government's ability to run covert wire surveillance from Muslim chatter abroad will now most likely be compromised by the left now that they control Congress.

Christians are considered the enemy in America to many on the left, while all Muslims, fanatical or not must be accepted on face value, no questions asked, or risk the likelihood of being condemned publicly.

We live in a different world.

Again, happy birthday, grandmother.