Monday, February 5, 2007

Incredible Left Wing (Nut) Conspiracy Theories

Let's focus on Left Wing nut conspiracy theories today.

It's almost unbelievable the hatred the left has for President Bush. We can trace this beginning of this hatred back to last presidential election. This is where the left claimed that the vote count in Florida was rigged and Gore should have been elected president. Here's a suggestion for all of you that believe this; get over it!

Of course, Al Gore really believes this nonsense. As usual whenever the left wins in any state, they never contend that there could have been tampering with the voting machines, etc. It's only when they loose a state that they send in their pose of lawyers hopefully attempting to build a case against Republican so called corruption.

Al Gore even has a portion of his award winning film on Global Warming (that he'll surely win the Nobel Peace Prize for) dealing with not just the effects of global warming, but how he was cheated out of the presidency. What a despicable show of character on his part as well as the entire Democratic Party. Gore's film is mandatory for young school kids across America and I wonder how many young kids have already been brainwashed by this propaganda which is 100% full of lies.

Of course, our real president, Bush, is too nice to counter these instantiated accusations with the fire and brim stone rhetoric that must of us on the right would like to see from him. He simply doesn't play the game the same way the left plays, spewing lies, accusations, and vicious name calling, etc. Bush, at all times, rules with grace and dignity and yet, he's hated with such intensity that defies normal rational thinking.

Since the beginning of time, confused thinking individuals have conveniently bent, reconstructed the laws of rational thinking in an attempt to justify their biased views on subjects, no matter how ridiculous.

Bush is evil, therefore, he had to have been complicit in the entire undertaking of the attack on the World Towers on 9/11. How remarkably insane this theory is, but the most insane of all is the fact that the leading forces behind these ridiculous conspiracies are actually professors of universities and other scholarly fellows.

One of the conspiracy theories is that it's not possible that the metal beams could have been melted by the planes crashing into the towers. The intense heat generated by the crash could not have been entirely responsible for the end results.

Here's my own scientific research into this matter. A good bit of my time and effort went into my research. I discovered that I didn't invent the cause of what I believe actually happened; others for thousands of years have had the same insight. Here is it; Shit happens. Deal with it you crackpots. Your blind hatred of our president has turned your supposedly intellectual minds into the absurd.

I know what you're thinking. Bush also was seen swimming in the waters during the Katrina affair, personally setting the charges to blow up the levees in New Orleans. All this happened at the same time he was inventing the Holocaust in Germany in 1945.

In summation, keep up the good work and all of us on the right are holding our breath in anticipation of other brilliant theories.

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