Friday, February 16, 2007

Leave the TV show, 24 alone!

I woke up this morning to hear on the radio that an army general has requested a meeting with the producers of the TV show, 24. It is my understanding that the general is going to attempt to influence the producers to modify the central character, Jack Baeur who heads up a CTU ant-terrorist group for the US government.

Here's what I think and a good bit of soul searching has gone into this observation. Mr. general, leave the f----g show alone and concentrate on what our tax paying citizens are paying you in the first place and that's for and that is for you to do your f---g job. Get back to Iraq and focus on the big picture, winning the war, keeping it from becoming a safe haven for terrorist.

Your contention, Mr. general is that the torture scenes on 24 are having an effect on your troops in Iraq and also that the show will destroy our image even more overseas. Let me explain the facts to you so that you will understand exactly what I'm saying. You have bowed into the left wing's peer pressure and now are attacking one of the few shows on TV with a remote right wing slant. 24 is a fictitious TV show and should not be taken too seriously by the government.

You are more concerned about how we will be perceived abroad than you are about our own children in America. How dare you, sir! You have no problem with 100,000 acts of violence being broadcast 24/7 on movies depicting zombies eating people's insides, heads being bashed in and exploded graphically, and a thousand other violent scenes influencing our own children. Who cares about them? We just don't want other nations to think poorly of us. Are you out of your cotton picking mind? The rest of the world hates us already and our US troops are routinely criticized by the drive by media for torturing prisoners. Yes, they did play Rap music which is offensive to Muslims, but no head were cut off as how our enemies treat our prisoners.

Leave 24 alone and go win the war you're paid to conduct and focus on protecting your own men and women in the military as much as you're concerned for our enemies.

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