Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Walter Reed Hospital Situation is a Fiasco

Walter Reed Fiasco

Another blow was dealt to the Bush's administration over the Walter Reed Hospital's mistreatment of US soldiers. The Walter Reed Veteran's Hospital is the shinning light of all military hospitals in the country and should be the ultimate in service for our wounded soldiers. Testimonials now coming to the forefront about the mistreatment of wounded and sick US soldiers at the hospital is quite disconcerting. It's difficult to believe it continued unchecked by anyone in a Republican administration.

It's just one more nail in the coffin for Republicans. Of course, this poor treatment of US soldiers at Walter Reed has probably been going on for years preceding the Bush administration, but you will never hear the media bring that up. Regardless of that, this should have never happened. Our brave military are already being paid below normal living standards and many are forced to live off food stamps. It's almost inconceivable to believe we have allowed it to get this bad. We don't even take care of our own. Shame on both parties. If this had happened in the Roman army two thousand years ago, there would have been an overthrow by one of the generals.

Bush needs to clean house. Heads need to roll. He needs to speak out and quit playing nice politics. Case in point, "I don't want to say anything that might hurt the lefts feelings."Of course the leaders on the left are incredibly vocal when it comes to bashing him calling him everything from a liar, coward, traitor to stupid. Be the frigging President. Stand up and take charge for God's sake.

I would like to see an investigation into how many anti-war personnel are working at the Veteran's hospital, purposely mistreating our brave soldiers. That investigation will never happen. Get rid of incompetents in all facets of the government. Republicans can't withstand another Katrina incident, but this has all the making of one. Bush can not stand idly by and allow this catastrophe to go on. Already, the left hates our military and only puts up a politically correct front in any glowing remarks about them.

Here's what I think Mr. President. If you can not take care of our own brave soldiers, those who sacrifice their lives for America, then you have no business attempting to take care of our nation. Step down or do the job the right way.

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