Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Al Gore's Nose is Growing Longer Each Day

Former Vice President, Al Gore has produced an award winning movie on Global Warming that has grabbed the world's attention. The first class produced film is unfortunately filled with enormous exaggerations according to most environmental scientist not associated with the EPR.
The problem is that those in control of these studies on global warming will not even accept, talk to, include in any discussions, or listen to any of those who don't agree with their findings.

The global warming fanatics have become a political entity with the goals of generating global funds keeping them solvent and also for continuing their stance against anything and everything associated with Republicans and especially, with President Bush. Their hatred for Bush is overwhelming with this group and truly believe that Bush by himself is responsible for global warming. Forget about China, Brazil, Russia and the rest of the world's contribution to pollutants on our planet; it's all Bush's fault.

After seeing the film, I've come to the conclusion that Gore is passionate, if nothing else about the issue of our earth heating up. The problem is that many of the sensational claims made in the movie are not considered factual by all learned scientist on this subject, but are presented as just that, facts.

Claims that Florida might disappear in the near future, that the oceans are going to increase by 20 feet, that blocks of ice found in Antarctica display a brown line (pollution) separating the exact date in the history of the world of course, when Gore himself enacted the Clean Air Act in Congress. Carbon Monoxide (Co2) is not a pollution as Gore claims.

I remember taking a geology class at USC where the professor claimed that California would be torn apart by earth quakes in the next ten years because of the state lying on a fault line. Of course I took this course in 1971 and California is still there just the like Florida will most likely still be there, if I continue to drive my SUV.

The scientist believe that the ocean level will be closer to a surge of 17 inches and not the 20 feet Gore claims. And the most egregious of all egoistical claims, his one environmental act changed the ice conditions around the world.

Here's one article I found online written by Eric Boehlert.

One month after formally kicking off his presidential campaign, Vice President Al Gore paddled down the Connecticut River in New Hampshire on July 22nd, 1999, spreading his green theme of protecting the environment and pausing for a photo op. His message was quickly drowned out, though, when the Washington Times' Bill Sammon reported that local authorities had granted Gore a special favor when they released nearly 4 billion gallons of water from a nearby dam into the drought-stricken river in order to keep the vice president's boat afloat.
The price tag on the spilled water was quickly calculated at $7 million. The implication was clear: In a clumsy abuse of power, Al Gore, a supposed friend of the environment, gladly wasted precious natural resources to stage-manage a political event.

Following the lead of the Washington Times, an unabashedly conservative outlet often hostile to Democrats, the rest of the mainstream press pounced, not only upbraiding Gore for his supposed hypocrisy but also suggesting that the campaign miscue was just the latest example of a foundering presidential run. The New York Times detailed the "mishap," the Washington Post ridiculed Gore's FOUR BILLION GALLONS FOR A PHOTO OP, Newsweek dubbed it the "photo op from hell," and CNN covered the "wave of criticism after floodgates are opened on a New Hampshire river to keep Al Gore afloat." This article was written by an angry Democrat upset at all the media press Gore was generating.

I say we give Gore the Nobel Peace Prize, but not for only his contributions against global warming, but for as he claims at inventing the Internet, and that he and his wife were the couple used as the inspiration for the movie, Love Story.

If Gore was Pinocchio, how long would his nose be?

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