Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is Charlize Theron anti-American?

Is Charlize Theron anti-American? She could be the most beautiful of the Hollywood beautiful and is respected as a fine actress as well. I know this because I'm one of her biggest fans up to now.

Lately, she has moved into the realm of politics. Her first venture into saving the world, or addressing the wrongs on our planet is revealed in her new exciting documentary on the hardships imposed on black Rappers in Cuba. Yes, you heard right.

Charlize is not speaking out on global warming or trying to raise funds for the aids crisis. No, her focus is all about how rapers in Cuba not being able to rap away into the night without the oppressed communistic government watching over their shoulders. God forbid, black rappers are not being able to... hold on a minute while I shed a tear... OK, I'm better now...not being able to rap freely.

This world startling documentary was make known on her appearance on CNN recently. Now for those who don't know what CNN stands for most of the time, it's so far to the left, that it's either called the Communist Channel or the Clinton Channel, not much difference between the two. It was during this interview that she claimed that America was a evil as Cuba. This took the CNN host back and even he had to readdress the issue. He asked her why she considered America as been the same as the despot controlled country of Cuba. She replied because America fires news reporters who are against the war on Iraq.

The reporter was shocked to say the least at her stupidy. He followed by asking her one more time if she considered America in the same vein as Cuba and again, she talked about the unjust war and replied a definite yes. Even the liberal host of the show was irritate and Charlize did everything in her power to change the subject. Her name sentence out of her political brain was, " I want to make out with you." What?

Apparently, her home country of South Africa, home of Apartheid is Ok by her political standards, but America is evil.

I've to remember never to listen to actors speak out on politics because most of the time, they reveal to the world how incredibly stupid they really are.

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