Friday, February 2, 2007

Barack Obama has already changed colors... not "my momma says," but "Jessie Jackson says"...

What a shame!

I thought Barack Obama, the Democrat from Illinois who's running for president in 2008 was a clean, oh, I'm sorry for the Biden slip of tongue, I mean fresh, exciting, new face on the political scene. I personally have been given him the benefit of doubt and even writing positive articles about him up to now even though I'm a Republican. I honestly thought after listening to his rhetoric the last few months, that he was a voice that could unite both parties.

I couldn't have been more wrong. All I ask of a candidate is to be courageous in their convictions, do what they believe is right, act in the best interest of the country and not give in to peer pressures, lobbyist, etc.

Yesterday, Senator Biden, another Democrat running for president, misspoke as he was delivering a speech on his very first day after his announcement to run for our highest office. He was attempting to characterize his co-Democrat, Obama when he summed up Obama by including the words articulate and clean in his talk. All hell broke loose because these words could be taken offensive, if you're actually a retarded child from Borneo. Senator Biden of course meant no disrespect, he was actually praising the man, but of course the leaders of the Black Caucus, Al Sharpten and Jessie Jackson found this an opportune time to crucify Biden, (another evil white man) which they did.

When first hearing about Biden's remarks, smartly, Obama down played the remarks and laughed it off, saying it was a poor choice of words, but no big deal. Here's where Obama turned. Almost 10 minutes later after saying this, he receives his marching orders from Jackson and Sharpton and then delivered another, changed press conference basically echoing the words of his Black mentors to the word.

Here's some great advice for you, Obama. Next time someone asks you a question, answer it the same way Adam Sandler answered everyone in the movie, Waterboy. Instead of saying, "my momma says," just say, "Jackson says," before every answer since we now know who's pulling your strings every time your lips move.

Weak, gutless, spineless is how I see you now. You can bet your articulate, clean ass, that your actions yesterday clearly illustrated to all of us your true colors. We'll just have to wait for another bright young crusader to lead our country in the future because clearly, you are not it.

What a shame!

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