Thursday, April 12, 2007

Barack Obama... Can he Unite Our Divided Country?

April, 2007

Perhaps I should take another serious look at voting for Barack Obama for president in the upcomming national election. For anybody out there who know me or have read my blogs know full well that I lean full tilt to the right in my most of my ideologies.

One of my concerns about voting for Barack is, if he becomes our next president, will he represent all American citizens, not just Afro Americans? Will he be so beholding to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to cement the Black vote, that the rest of the citizens will not get the same fair consideration is our needs and rights? First of all, who elected Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson as the proprietor of moral conscious on any issue, especially with their racially divisive backgrounds.

I admit, I've written animadversions about Obama's associations with these before mentioned civil rights leaders. We need our next president to unite all of us as a country and to make important future policies that represent all Americans. Is there one single breathing sole alive that believe that either Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton represents any cause that isn't racially divisive and furthers their own personal agendas?

One case in point: Imus is embroiled in the media and rightfully so, about his racially offensive comments about Rutger's women's basketball team. Both Jackson and Sharpton have led the charge to pressure MS NBC and corporate sponsors to fire Imus from his TV show which was accomplished. I too believe his remarks were damaging to these Innocent female college students and should have been fired because of it and a history of crude, hateful demonizing rhetoric in the past. Good riddance Imus. But, should these two historically biased, racially divisive civil rights leaders guide, lead, influence, control, and persuade Obama's personal moral compass as our next acting president? I think not.

It's obvious to even the mentally challenged that both Jackson and Sharpton seek racially minded issues that advance their causes. In New York city alone, 70% of all crime is committed by the 24% of Afro Americans in that city. Where is the outrage? Where are Jackson and Sharpton in working with the community to put a dent into these disturbing figures that concern Blacks? They are too busy getting Imus fired for one racist comment while fellow Blacks are being killed daily in New York city.

Our country is so divided between the two parties on almost every pertinent national and current events issue facing our great nation. This inquietude is shared by many of us with no foreseeable salvation in sight.

It's too difficult to digest at times the intensity of the inimical attitude Democrats take towards anything that remotely represents, American patriotism, the war in Iraq, how we education our children, controlling immigration, how we grow our economy, taxation, religion... you get my point. We are from one country, yet our ideologies are vastly different.

Perhaps, if Obama can learn to stand on his own two political feet and represent all Americans, he might be the political savior we have all been searching for. I actually believe he's sincere in his attempt to be the uniter we've all be searching for. He doesn't spew hatred, but instead speaks from his heart in a pleasing, gentle tone on all issues which is admirable, drawing in larger crowds in his speeches than any of his counterparts for the presidency in either party.

At this point, Barack Obama has my vote. Our country will implode from within if something isn't done to remedy the ongoing epidemic in politics. I like his approach to settling the immigration problem. He has said that he believes that the Mexican border has to better monitored, that illegal immigrants should have to earn their citizenship in some fashion, learn to speak English, and go back of the line to become American citizens. Obama also believes that America doesn't have the resources to send all of them back to Mexico. I agree. Let's try it his way; nothing is working now.

Okay Obama, let's see if you can keep my vote until the election next year, or will you fall back in submission to Jackson's and Sharpton's control which I sadly fear?

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