Friday, April 20, 2007

Democrat Leadership Should Be Held in Contempt!

Where is the outrage?

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader, Dick Reid have crossed the accepted political line with no apparent negative consequences. They have raised some serious questions about their ulterior motives in their recent actions undermining our Constitution.

Recently, Pelosi traveled to Syria to meet with their president against the expressed wishes and orders from the White House. Arrogant beyond comprehension, she ignored President Bush's concerns and went anyway. It is abundantly clear to most rational thinking Americans that we as a nation, must present a united front against terrorism and countries that facilitate their terrorists acts as well as their insane ideologies. President Bush has made it exceedingly clear to the leaders of Iraq, Iran and Syrian exactly where our country stands and what our foreign policy is. Any attempt by the Speaker of the House to misrepresent the President's foreign policies or to present a contrary view is tantamount to treason.

Where is the outrage? First of all, Congress is so busy holding the US Attorney General's feet to the fire over the White House firing of eight district attorneys that Pelosi's mission to Syria has gone under the radar. Gonzales is so busy defending himself that he hasn't found the time or is intimidated by the Democrats to hold Pelosi accountable for her damaging actions. She should be immediately indicted and sworn in under oath to respond to the following questions:

1. Did she make any promises to the Syrian President that compromises our American soldiers in Iraq? For example, if Pelosi conveyed to the Syrian President that American troops are coming home soon regardless of President Bush's existing policy (now that the Democrats control Congress), this could easily be construed as an act of treason, if her misrepresentation actually strengthens the resolve of the insurgents in Iraq. American soldier's lives are at stake.

2. What promises did she make to the Syrian President that in any way contradict the White House's foreign policies?

3. As Speaker of the House, is there a premeditated plan on her part or the part of a group of Democrats, to willfully attempt to unseat both the the President and Vice President of the United States by the following illegal actions? (Speaker of the House in next in line for the presidency if both the Vice President and President are forced to leave office)
a) Was it part of the premeditated plan (coup) to indict Scooter Libby for outing a CIA operative, knowing full well he was innocent, hopefully leading to the indictment and impeachment of the Vice President, then the President?
b) Was it part of the premeditated plan (coup) to indict US Attorney General Gonzales for firing the eight district attorneys even though it was within the White House's powers to do so, thus weakening the power of the attorney general while attempting the coup?
c) Will both Pelosi and Reid turn over all related correspondence by way of emails and written materials to the US attorney general's office?

Also, Dick Reid made a dangerous statement recently in his press conference declaring that America has lost the war in Iraq. This insidiously statement could potentially be more harmful to the courageous efforts on the behalf of our military in Iraq then all of the enemy's bombs combined. The insurgents in Iraq will definitely draw strength from his statements that will surely lead to the loss of more American soldier's lives.

Again, where is the outrage?

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