Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good News VS Bad News for America

It has become painstakingly obvious to any clear thinking individual that any type of “good news” for America under the Bush administration is considered “bad news” for Democrats. Take the good news about America’s strong economy for example. The Dow Stock Exchange recently set record highs and yet the Democrats and their brothers in arms, the liberal press, downplay it. How about the fact that the Patriot Act has protected every US citizen from another 9/11 type of attack and again the Left Wing with their liberal press accuses Bush of violating the civil rights of citizens with their NSA screening for terrorism calls coming into our country. What about my human right to live versus the civil rights of Muslims to chatter undetected from one continent to the next?

The complete and utter defeat in Iraq is the only acceptable outcome that will satisfy the Democrats on the war. The onslaught of American soldiers returning home from the war in Iraq or Afghanistan wounded or in body bags, is welcomed as good news with high-fiving among many in the left wing.

Some of the top Democratic leaders in Congress including Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton voted against continuing the military funding in Iraq so that Americans soldiers could be provided with the latest in technology in defense against the dreaded IED’s that are causing the greatest amount of deaths and wounded. Politics, getting elected President trumps any consideration for the lives of American soldiers. Even Senator Biden chided both Senators in one of the debates for their heartless, insensitive actions.

Let’s not let Senator Biden off the hook completely either. In this same You Tube” Democratic debate, Senator Biden proposed sending in 2500 hundred American troops today, right now if he was president to stop the civil war in Darfur, Africa. Of course Biden is one of the loudest voices heard on Capital Hill criticizing the White House’s policy on the war in Iraq because American is now caught in the middle of a civil war there and we should have no part of it.

The difference as I see it between most conservatives and Democrats is that most conservatives are willing to break rank with their leaders, if their leaders deviate from conservative main stream thinking. Democrats would rather fall on the sword than betray one of their own leaders regardless of how absurd their policies are.

Here are some of my own personal examples where I disagree with White House policy: Bush wanted to sign a new immigration bill that Senator Kennedy, Graham and others drew up that would have legalized 20 to 40 million immigrants in one signing of the pen. No, they wouldn’t have become instant US citizens, but still would have received all the rights and privileges of US citizens. Fortunately, talk radio and TV talk host campaigned religiously against it winning out in the end. Last year alone, over 190 billion dollars were spent on illegal aliens. We could have covered the cost of health care for every single US citizen who isn’t already covered with that money.

I'm upset with the president over his failure to move quicker in New Orleans after Katrina. I upset with the president taking the side of the Texas district attorney, Sutton over the jailing of 2 border guards for 10 and 11 years respectively. Both border guards should be immediately set free, pardoned by the president.

You see, I disagree with the White House's policies and go on record. What about the Democrats?

There is the new left wing ideology that’s been labeled “Post Modernism.” This new philosophy is a failure to see the truth or face facts that don’t correlate with their Left Wing’s feelings… emotions that fit their own beliefs and ideologies. For example, fanatical Muslims intent on killing every American, Christian or Jew are not America’s enemy with the left; instead, Bush is the enemy. Let’s not even identify them as Muslims, but non-Americans. So, who flew those planes into the Trade Center on 9/11? To the emotional left, it was President Bush who masterminded it, of course? They are completely blinded to the truth.

How about another example! Everyone knows that the levies in New Orleans broke because of Hurricane Katrina that flooded the city. No, the left’s warp minds cannot accept this truth or fact, but conjure a Left Wing’s wacko theory that Bush himself had his anti-black civil engineers destroy the levees on purpose in order to destroy the city and as an added plus, kill Afro-Americans in the process.

Apparently there is a part of the brain that shuts off thinking with common sense when emotion is involved. Compare it to “being in love." Who hasn’t been blinded by emotion when “in love” making bad decisions that you wouldn’t normally have made with a clear thinking mind? It’s the same thing for Post Modernists, the Left’s hatred for Bush or conservatives for that matter, have a traumatic effect on their brains, blinding them from seeing the truth.

Let’s put the Democratic left’s way of thinking into proper perspective. Here are some examples to illustrate the Democratic Party's impact on America’s future.
1. A left wing judge let a Libyan child molester go free because they couldn’t find a court appointed interpreter from Libya. The Libyan molested two defenseless children, a 7 year-old boy and the other, only a one-year old boy. The court admitted that they couldn’t find an interpreter in the two years they searched so their hands were tied since he was entitled to a speedy trial. Here are the facts that the Post Modernist can’t see. One, an interpreter was found within one hour of searching for one... one who lived only 15 miles of the courtroom. Next, the Libyan, thug, molester, actually graduated from high school in town and could speak perfect English.
2. The left wing district attorney in North Carolina purposely indicted three innocent students from Duke charging them with raping a drug induced stripper at a frat party. Politics reared its ugly head... winning the black vote was needed if he was to win the upcoming election for district attorney. The district attorney was caught lying and suppressing evidence that would have easily freed the students. Luckily, he has been bared from practicing law ever again and perhaps will spend time in prison himself.
3. Currently, a left wing principal and the left wing district attorney from that city are attempting to prosecute a 13 year old middle school student and to send him to prison for 10 years for slapping another 8th grader on the rear.
4. Left wing administrators pardon two men from prison with over 20 robberies and other crimes on their records. These same two men broke into a house in Connecticut, raped and murdered the mother, 17 and 11 year old daughters, beat the dad unrecognizable then set the house on fire.

I could go on and on siting cases.

We must do whatever is neccessary to bring sanity back to into America.

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