Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kucinich Commits Treason

Dennis Kucinich, the diminutive representative from Ohio has committed our nation’s worst and unforgiveable crime; treason against his own country. He recently journeyed to Syria for a national interview on Syrian TV. In this interview Kucinich proceeded to denounce our president, our war in Iraq and spoke about how wonderful their own president was. Syria is guilty of training insurgents as well as providing sophisticated weaponry to those killing American soldiers in Iraq. This is not conjecture, but based on facts and for an American Congressman to embolden our enemy in a time of war by his words and actions constitutes treason.

I propose that the U.S. Attorney General move to indict Kucinich on charges of treason, try him then give him two choices. One, imprisonment or two, invoke his U.S. passport and allow him to live in Syria he spoke so highly of. Instead he is praised by the left and again the right’s passivity towards their counterparts goes unchecked.

After further examining Kucinich’s voting record in Congress, it makes it crystal clear the glaring differences between the political parties. Here are but 25 examples of how Kucinich voted representing Ohio in Congress. I could have listed 100 more if needed, but I believe I’ve illustrated my point effectively on the glaring, dramatic differences between the two political parties.

Enjoy reading the following if you’re liberal. If conservative, be afraid, very afraid of where our country is headed if Kucinich is elected president.

1. He voted against the Patriot Act.
2. Voted against the war in Iraq.
3. Voted against funding the war.
4. Supports legal status for illegal immigrants in America.
5. Votes against privatizing social security.
6. Voted against Bush tax cuts.
7. He voted on needing a separation between Corporations and State – (Communism)
8. He voted on alternative funding instead of new prisons.
9. Voted against constitutionally defining a marriage as “one man and one woman.”
10. Voting against the Pledge of Allegiance.
11. Voting for preferential treatment for race in college admissions.
12. Voted for the ACLU 64% of the time.
13. Thinks abortions should be illegal at all stages.
14. Supports reparations for Slavery.
15. He’s for Affirmative Action – a code name for apartheid as in South Africa’s past.
16. Voted no on Military borders patrols to battle drugs and terrorism.
17. Voted no on allowing prayer in school during the war in Iraq.
18. Voted no on allowing vouchers for students in DC.
19. Opposes allowing school prayer.
20. Voted no on establishing a national wide AMBER alert for missing children.
21. Supports same sex marriage.
22. Voted no on reforming the United Nations by restricting U.S. funding.
23. He wants to end privatization.
24. Voted no on building a fence on the Mexican border.
25. Supports raising taxes.

As for myself I truly hope Kucinich continues to hate American and decides he can’t take it any more and decides to move to Syria.


rage said...


If you are ever in Port Huron, Michigan I volunteer to personally kick your ass.

I have no martial arts experience;- certainly not a Hollywood bad ass such as yourself, but I think it'd worth the attempt.

Sean Richardson

ps I voted for Ron Paul, no liberal leaning ideals here.

joseph said...

i personally dont think because this guy said what he morally thinks is right, which i agree is right.Justified by the amount of devastation on nation's economy has indured all the while we had all the funds in the world to use to go to war with little shit hole countries in the middle of who gives a fuck ville. that's not treason. that's a guy standing up 2 the man. and yea, fuck you and this article. you and douchebag assholes who cant read through the lines and make sense of what would be in the best interest of our people not your anti-establishment, mediocre look on making treason claims on an all right government official should be ashamed of yourselves. grow up people. - joe madden, syracuse, ny